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About us

Zivori.com is a national leader in online fashion jewelry sales. For more than 10 years we've been helping women from all over the world to find their unique style with the help of our modern and fashionable jewelry pieces - all at a fraction of the cost.

Zivori.com is an online fashion jewelry store specializing in selling affordable and sophisticated earrings, elegant bracelets, high quality rings, pendants and necklaces. Our catalogue consists of thousands jewelry pieces from the most basic and classy items to outrageous products for real fashionistas.

Our commitment to provide the most comfortable and secure shopping experience along with impeccable customer service has helped us to transform a small family business into one of the largest online jewelry stores in the country. Despite the tremendous success, we continue working hard every day in order to keep our top position in a constanlty changing market environment. We make sure our catalogue provides you with the most up to date assortment and our customer service satisfaction rate is the highest among competitors.

We believe that fashion jewelry is one of the brighest ways to express your personality. And with this idea in mind we continue to perfect our store by introducing new features such as mobile shopping, flexible shipping options and special promotions.

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